In this fact page we will cover:

  • global road death and serious injury statistics
  • the link between road danger and sustainable development
  • what action is being taken to end this preventable epidemic
  • how Brake is working to improve global road safety
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someone is killed on a road

World Health Organisation, 2018

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) collates and publishes global road safety statistics.

The most recent Global Status Report on Road Safety is from 2018 (the WHO have also produced a data visualisation, based on the findings of this report). Additionally, information by country can be viewed on the Global Health Repository's interactive map.


Global road death and casualty statistics

Road death and injury causes devastation to millions of people around the world, every year. Every road death and injury is a preventable tragedy but sadly the number of incidents around the globe continues to climb.

Road deaths

  • There are 1.35 million road deaths every year
  • Road deaths are the eighth highest cause of death for people of all ages
  • Road deaths are the number one killer of those between the ages of 5-29.
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists make up more than half of all road deaths (these road users are collectively known as vulnerable road users).
  • Road deaths affect the poorest hardest. 93% of all road deaths are in low or middle income countries and there has been no reduction in the number of road deaths in any low-income country since 2013.
  • Africa has, by far, the highest rate of road deaths of any WHO region.

Road death statistics

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Deaths on the world's roads - WHO data visualisation

Road casualties

Road crashes cause between 20 - 50 million non-fatal injuries around the world, every year. At the highest estimate, this is just below the population of England.

Road traffic crashes now represent the eighth leading cause of death globally. They claim more than 1.35 million lives each year and cause up to 50 million injuries. And, the fact is, every one of those deaths and injuries is preventable.

Michael Bloomberg, WHO Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries