This page refers to the 2020-2021 edition of Information and advice for bereaved families and friends following a death on the road in Scotland.


Section 1: What happens now?

Things that often happen in the first few days after a fatal crash. Includes information about seeing, touching and identifying a loved one's body; post-mortems; return of belongings; visiting the crash site; what happened in the crash; what happens to vehicles.

Section 2: Practical issues

Practical issues that often come up after a road crash. Includes information about informing people; burials or cremations; legal issues; personal finance; the media; memorials; if the crash happened abroad.

Section 3: Criminal investigations and charges

Includes information about: the police investigation; the Procurator Fiscal; criminal charges.

Section 4: Court cases

Includes information about: attending court; being a witness in court; court procedures; appeals; prisoner release; inquests; the Criminal Justice System.

Section 5: Can I claim compensation?

Includes information about: types of fatal motor claim; fatal motor claim procedures; working with your solicitor; paying your solicitor.

You can also read a short book about coping with grief when someone you love is killed in a road crash.

This book aims to help you cope and protect your mental and physical wellbeing.

It is based on the experiences of many people bereaved in a sudden or shocking way, and what helped them.

Click on the link below to download.