Take part in Road Safety Week to show that you're a responsible organisation that puts people first and cares about their safety.

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Shout out for SAFE ROADS FOR ALL because everyone's life matters on roads and every road death and injury is preventable

Why is road safety important for employers?

The theme of Road Safety Week 2022 is SAFE ROADS FOR ALL. Because every life on our roads matters, and every death and injury is preventable.

  • More than 1.3 million people die on roads every year
  • Driving for work is one of the most dangerous activities you ask your employees to do
  • Many road deaths involve a vehicle being driven for work
  • Road crashes have a devastating effect on families and communities
  • Work vehicles are a source of traffic pollution which causes respiratory illnesses and other diseases
  • Active travel such as walking and cycling is good for the nation’s health and good for the planet
  • Road crashes cost the UK economy around £36 billion every year.

By taking part in Road Safety Week, you can show that you are a responsible employer who puts people first and cares about their safety. Whether your employees drive for work or for personal use, it's a great opportunity to show staff, customers, suppliers and the wider community that road safety is embedded in your culture.


Fundraise for Brake

Raise vital funds to help the victims of road crashes and their families

Road crashes are devastating events for families, friends and communities. Brake's National Road Victim Service provides emotional and practical support for families who have been bereaved or injured in road crashes. We are currently only able to support about one in four of the families who need our help. All money raised during Road Safety Week 2022 helps us to support more families and campaign for SAFE ROADS FOR ALL.

Take your pick from one of these fab Road Safety Week fundraising ideas and go to the Road Safety Week fundraising page to find out more.

  • Brake Bright – a dress-down day with a difference to remind drivers to look out for people who walk and cycle
  • 22 in 22 – take the challenge to raise awareness that someone is killed or seriously injured on a UK road every 22 minutes
  • Bake for Brake - raise money to support Brake’s vital work and enjoy a slice of something nice.

For free resources to make your fundraising really special, email fundraise@brake.org.uk.

Take me to the Road Safety Week fundraising page


Buy a giant Road Safety Week banner

At 5m x 1m a giant Road Safety Week banner is a great way to shout out for road safety. Choose from one of our eye-catching designs, add your logo and display on your building or in your community. Discounts are available for multiple purchases.

Go to the Brake shop to find out more and order your banner.

Deadline for orders: Friday 7 October.

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Choose a design, add your logo and shout out for SAFE ROADS FOR ALL

Shout out for SAFE ROADS FOR ALL with our small banners, selfie props and stickers

Use our SAFE ROADS FOR ALL small banners, selfie props and stickers to spread the message that everyone's life matters on roads and we all have the right to make safe and healthy journeys, wherever we go. It's a great way to bring attention to your fundraising and campaign activity during Road Safety Week 2022.

Order your small banners, selfie props and stickers today from the Brake shop.

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Help staff and customers speak up for road safety and shout out for SAFE ROADS FOR ALL

We all use roads and most of us have experienced road danger. Our lifestyles are often heavily influenced by our travel choices and local road safety is fundamental to how we make our journeys.

If you employ people who drive for work, you can play a vital role in reducing road crashes and making journeys safer and healthier for everyone, while improving your reputation and reducing costs.

Road Safety Week is a great opportunity to focus everyone’s attention on making roads safer so that everyone can travel in a safe and healthy way.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Engage staff with key road safety issues and encourage them to commit to making safe and healthy journeys
  • Include road safety in your corporate social responsibility strategy to show you care about staff, customers and local people
  • Introduce robust policies and procedures to manage work-related road risk
  • Remind drivers to think about who they share the road with and always drive at speeds appropriate to the road conditions
  • Choose routes that use the safest roads and avoid places where people live
  • Monitor driver behaviour using telematics systems
  • Run targeted training for drivers that show unsafe driving behaviours
  • Investigate the cause of all collisions and near-misses.

Coming soon... Online driver training

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Driving for work is one of the most dangerous thing you ask your employees to do.

Use our online driver training programme to help your drivers understand six key areas of road risk and ask them to pledge to drive safely.

The training will take about an hour to complete and at the end drivers can print a certificate to show that they have completed training.


Raise awareness among staff and customers

Talking to people in your community about road safety can encourage them to choose safer, healthier ways to travel and empower them to keep themselves and others safe.

Here are some simple, effective ways to get important road safety messages to your staff and customers during Road Safety Week:

  • Launch a new road safety programme, to promote safe driving and improve risk management across your organisation.
  • Use free resources from Global Fleet Champions to learn about key areas of road safety.
  • Include an article about road safety in your newsletter, blog or social media feed, to raise awareness of the impact of road crashes on communities
  • Print and display the free posters in your Road Safety Week action pack around company premises. Or share posters and infographics on your website or social media pages.
  • Run safe driving presentations for staff. Explore topics such as speed, distractions, vehicle maintenance, driver fatigue and sustainability.

Join the Global Fleet Champions campaign

Global Fleet Champions is a global campaign to prevent crashes and reduce pollution caused by vehicles used for work. Everyone can be a champion for safe and healthy mobility in fleets.

Global Fleet Champions gives you access to:

  • Resources to help you manage occupational road risk, whatever your budget, fleet size or vehicle type
  • Free and low-cost events for anyone interested in safe and healthy mobility for fleets
  • A prestigious awards programme that celebrates best practice in safe and healthy mobility for fleets.

We rely heavily on generous support from organisations to ensure we can continue our vital work supporting road victims and campaigning for safer roads for all.

We offer lots of different ways to work with Brake, get involved and support our work.

Email corporate@brake.org.uk to find out more.


Engage your community

Communities care about road safety, and value the support of local organisations. Here are some ways you can show that your organisation cares about the local community too:

  • Encourage local nurseries, childminders or schools to take part in Road Safety Week to teach children important road safety lessons
  • Offer staff volunteering time to help at road safety activities organised by the local schools or colleges, local authority road safety team or emergency services
  • Support or initiate a campaign in your local community for improved road safety and sustainable travel, for example, lowering speed limits, improving speed enforcement, or investing in safe walking or cycling paths.

Shout out about it

Whatever activities you’re planning, get everyone talking about road safety by publicising your activities in advance and during Road Safety Week itself.

  • Tell local media what you’ll be doing and invite journalists from local papers, radio and TV to your events. You can use the template press release in your Road Safety Week action pack
  • Contact potential partners and ask them to promote Road Safety Week and your activities in their newsletters, magazines, websites, noticeboards and on social media
  • Talk about Road Safety Week in your newsletter, website and social media channels
  • Use the images in your Road Safety Week action pack to give your social media accounts a new look.

Tell us what you're doing

We love to see and hear how people are taking part in Road Safety Week. Share pictures of your activity on social media with @brakecharity using #RoadSafetyWeek. Sharing your pictures helps us inspire others to become leaders for road safety.

Together we can get as many people as possible to join our conversation and talk about how to make roads safer for everyone.