Some people seriously injured in crashes and their families have significant needs lasting years. Sometimes, not all needs are obvious in the early days.

Financial compensation can help meet these needs and support welfare and wellbeing into the future.

Although it is not possible in all cases, it may be possible to claim for financial support. Sometimes, large amounts of money can be claimed. To find out if you can make a claim, and to proceed with any claim, you need expert legal help.

It is important to know that:

  • a specialist personal injury solicitor, with experience in serious injury road crashes, should be consulted as soon as possible, to find out if a claim for financial support is possible
  • it is much better to use a solicitor who is a specialist, rather than one you already use, or who is close to where you live, who is not expert
  • a claim for financial support does not require someone to be found guilty of a crime
  • an initial consultation with a specialist solicitor should be free
  • even if you do not have funds to pay a solicitor, it is often possible to make a claim, if you have a legal case.

If a claim for financial support is possible, hiring a specialist solicitor early means they can:

  • get to work, collecting evidence from the police and medical staff
  • help you prepare one or more victim statements
  • pursue the claim, with the best chance of most money
  • help you get the support you need, quickly (for example care, rehabilitation, equipment and accommodation)
  • seek early payments, if there are urgent costs that must be met quickly (for example changes to a home to help a person with a new disability, or medical care only available privately)
  • help you with other things too, for example, understanding what is happening during a police investigation, criminal prosecution, and any court cases, and any media interest in your case.

How do I find a specialist solicitor?

To find a solicitor, contact the National Road Victim Service or go to for details of specialist solicitors who also support Brake.

Alternately, go to for information about other organisations that list reputable solicitors.